Frequently asked questions.

How do I know if this is for me?

I specialize in building or redesigning websites for small businesses. That includes businesses that are just run by one person selling a service such as physical therapists, podcast hosts, dietitians, and more. I will create a fully custom site for you that draws people and engages them to use your site and convert to your business.  I am passionate about capturing your brand message and conveying that in a clean, minimal, and captivating way. If you need more complex things such as fully custom logos, an online store, a database, or others, I’d love to chat and see if we can find a solution for you but I will always be transparent about my limitations and can refer you to others when possible.

What will the process of working together look like?

All initial consultation calls are free and last between 30-60 minutes. We will go over what you are looking for, I’ll gather information on what you currently have, share some ideas about what we can create, and talk through the process for your specific site. I’ll make sure that I can help you achieve your goals and will send you a proposal with a timeline and pricing.

If you decide to go forward with working together, the process generally follows 4 phases. Phase 1 includes generating ideas and wireframes. I’ll share some moodboard inspiration with you and ask you for feedback in order to better understand your vision. I’ll create some wireframes and lo-fi mockups to give an idea of how the pages will be laid out and where content will be placed. During Phase 2 I will create hi-fi designs with brand colors, photos, and copy. There will be opportunities for feedback and revisions. This is generally the longest part of the process to ensure you are happy with the product before development. Phase 3 is where the site is actually built. I generally use Webflow but can discuss your options for this in more detail. The build includes making pages responsive at all screen sizes as well as Search Engine Optimization. Phase 4 is where the handoff happens and you can see your site live. Your site will be connected to a hosting plan and will be connected to your custom domain. I will also have a live demo and training session to ensure you know how everything works and feel comfortable with it. Any final changes will happen here as well.

How is this different from building my own site on Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, etc?

These sites are great for templated sites. That means that you won’t be building something that is fully custom for you and will instead of using a template that a lot of other people are also using. This will be great for starting out, but will make your site look less professional and will not allow it to stand out. The only way around this using these sites is if you are a developer who knows how to write a lot of code or paying for plugins.

What are the downsides of using a website builder with plugins?

Plugins are packaged features of custom code you can use on a site like Wordpress. They are managed by a third party and need frequent updates. This can be hard to stay on top of and manage all of the different plugins you are using and also introduces a lot of security vulnerabilities. The last thing you want is your user’s information falling into malicious hands or your website getting hacked and changed, breaking the credibility and trust you have with your customers. Plugins that help create a more custom feel of a site also commit you to using that plugin forever, due to not being able easily transfer your site layout or design without it. Lastly, many plugins come at a cost, which can quickly add up.

Why do you prefer to use Webflow and can I use that even if I use something else now?

Webflow is my site builder of choice for many different reasons that I will detail below, but my biggest reason is because it makes life easier for you, the business owner, and allows you to focus on your actual business instead of worrying about your site. Most people do not need any plugins to use it and it integrates really well with things you might already be using like Mailchimp or Zapier. It includes its own hosting which makes it fast and really secure. It also has built in SEO which many others like Wordpress do not, and will help make your business much easier to find online. Webflow also has an editor view that allows you to make direct changes to your copy or easily switch out your photos without needing to get into the code or design portion and allows you to be fully independent and in control of your site. If you are using something else and looking for a redesign, that’s okay, I can still make it work on Webflow and if you don’t want to switch, I can generally still make that work too so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Are you also available for hire for other custom UI/UX projects or software engineering?

Yes! I'd love to chat more about what you have in mind. I can help with app design, design systems, and more. I also can help with coding - I specialize with React on the frontend (with Typescript and Redux) but also have experience with Ruby on Rails on the backend. I'm available for contract work, freelancing, and open to full time work for the right opportunity.

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