A background in code.

I am passionate about strong user experiences. I want your user to sell your product simply because they love it so much and it is so easy to use. I want them to be empowered to excel and excited to talk about how amazing your product is to their community.

After years of working as a software engineer, I've transitioned into User Experience/User Interface design. Having an engineering background gives me the unique perspective of knowing what is feasible for a development team within deadlines. It also allows me to communicate effectively and efficiently across departments.

Prior to working in tech, I was a Captain in the United States Army. I managed large teams with limited resources with rapid missions. This has given me strong leadership and decision making abilities.

Qualities I value.


Clear and frequent communication matters. You will be kept up to date throughout the design process. The more you can understand the process and design decisions, the better the end result will be. I value direct and respectful feedback so that the end product is how you envision it.


There should never be any surprises throughout our time working together. I will always be upfront if there is something I can’t do and why, and will be transparent with pricing before the project even begins.


I am always learning and improving to ensure that I am creating the best and most up to date designs possible. I will never hand off a design that I don’t believe you and your users will love.

Outside of work.

Besides working in design and development, I love spending time in the mountains in Salt Lake City. I am a trail and ultra runner and in the winter I have been learning how to backcountry ski. In my free time I volunteer as a member of the Salt Lake Search and Rescue team responding to 911 calls along the Wasatch Front. I'm also on the Board of Directors for a local running group called the Women of the Wasatch. I have two mischievous fluffy coworker kitties named Mushu and Swiffer who like to make occasional Zoom call appearances. I love meeting my clients, so if you are ever in the area please reach out!

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